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10 Negative Reviews

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Pissed! This is a joke.

Tony D from Bristol, CT

My husband cannot get a hold of anyone there. Phone and email is not working.

Mary L from Orange, CA

This company stopped communicating with me. What is the story???

John M from New York, NY

How do I get in touch with these folks. I need help.

Jody B from Tampa, FL

I cannot get a response from anyone!

Mark S from Billings, MT

This company sucks

Melissa S from Cypress, CA

They seem to have dissappeared.

Daniel B of from Phila, PA

Emails are bouncing back. What's up???

Janice S from San Clemente, CA

They are not answering their phones.

Greg A of from SLC, UT

I used this company for an modification and they never contacted my lender as they indciated and resulted in an lost of huge sum of money due to their lies and false promises

a j from rochester hils, MI

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